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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day trading example with eur/usd

Hi, I wrote about my expectations regarding eur/usd pair and gave you the entrance point on the pair. It was a breakout trade that started at 1.3188 level with a stop loss order at 1.3144. I took partial profits at around 1.3240 and then 1.3290 level. As you saw the pair collapsed yesterday. Some analysts started screaming about the end of a trend. I already mentioned in my previous post that I do not expect the pair to reverse before New Year and I intend to search for opportunities to jump into the market by going long the Euro against the US dollar. And I haven’t changed my opinion on the matter. I am still watching the market closely to see for extra day trading opportunities. One of the kind presented itself today and I want to talk a little about it in the post. 

When I search for opportunities to day trade I always want to do one important thing – to enter my day trades in the direction of a prevailing tendency. If the market is not in a range, but trending or in a short term swing (as eur/usd is at the moment) I will never make counter trend trades, but only implement those in the direction of a tendency. If you look at eur/usd chart you (with no doubt) see that the pair is in an upward swing. It means I am only willing to go long Euro and sell short US dollar. 

Now, how do I choose a spot where I get into the market? Firstly, I wait for a retracement or a counter trend move. Secondly, I find some nearest support level and wait for the security to get there. Thirdly, I wait for reversal patterns at the level to see whether counter trend move is over or not. Those usually are 123 patterns and candle reversal patterns. If everything happens according to the described scenario I go long when the security leaves 123 pattern or I place a buy stop order above the bullish candle (1 hour or 4 hour chart). 

So, I saw eur/usd collapsing yesterday. Pretty sharp! It means a counter trend move started. I started searching for a possible place of support. And guess what, it wasn’t really difficult to find. You most probably know this sampler saying of classical technical analysis that resistance becomes support and support becomes resistance. I have mentioned that I took a breakout trade at 1.3188 level a few days ago. The area was resistance at the time. Guess what has it become now? Support! 

So, what happened later? The pair came to this level, formed 123 pattern and bang! Went up again. If you look at the chart below you will see the 123 pattern on 1 hour chart around the level. When I saw the pattern I placed my buy stop order above it and the market took care of it by breaking the level and going up.
Oh! I forgot to tell you how I get out of my day trades. I watch for obvious resistance and support levels, but most often I close my positions at an even number. Today the pair managed to reach 1.3294 level before going back to today’s breakout point of  1.3215 (well, a bit lower) and is consolidating now. 

I would not be surprised if the pair took off upwards again tomorrow. Looks like another 123 pattern is formed at the level! I seldom trade Asian session (only about 5 percent of my day trades are implemented during that time), so I will wait for early European session to see how everything looks at the time. I might take another long in eur/usd tomorrow. 

I do not think I will keep it open longer than 8 hours as quite a few brokers will not be working during holiday season and mine seems not to be working at the time too. So, I do not want to take risks trading during this time. 

Ok, I think it is time for me to finish now. I promised to give you some thoughts of mine on Japanese Yen and I did not forget my promise. However, I will not do it today. Maybe tomorrow, but most probably some day during the weekend.

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I hope you understood the way I day trade and it will help you in your trades. See you soon.
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