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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Best Signal Trader Systems

As I wrote in my SignalTrader Review, this is one of the best services in the Forex industry that provides automated Forex (commodities, indexes) signals. In this post I just want to look through the best systems that they offer. 

They have put all best performing ones on their front page and you can analyze each one of them by clicking you mouse any spot on a specific strategy. 


For example, I click on SignalWave and a new more detailed window describing the system appears.

SignalWave system screenshot

You can see what the profit is, start date, initial balance, markets the strategy trades, way of trading (robotic), trading frequency, Trading type (technical and fundamental) trading style (intraday and swing) and the instrument. You also can find full description of the strategy on the right. 

So, you can click on any system you want to look through and see how it works.
If you want to follow any of the strategy, just follow the steps:

How to start using the signals


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Signal Trader Review

Financial markets attract millions of people who want to make money. They come with different motivations, goals and expectations. Some get disappointed very fast as they see that it is not that easy to make money as they had expected. Then they either give up or search for those who could manage their money by trading on their behalf. There are a lot of good services that can offer you to manage your money by investing in Forex, Commodities or Indexes. Let’s look at one of them in the review: Signal Trader. 

Signal Trader is an innovative Forex signals provider that offers automated signals with a large variety of financial instruments, not only currencies, but also commodities and stock indices. Signal subscribers automatically copy the best trading systems managed by pro traders in their brokerage accounts. If you want to test their service you may want to open a demo account with one of their partner brokers and when you feel satisfied you can open a live account.

How does that work?

You can choose a trader that you want to follow from the list of trading strategies that you see on the main page or on Trading Systems page. When you start following some system all trades that a pro providing a signal takes are automatically executed on your account. 

Customers have full control of risk as they can decide on risk parameters, trade sizes, monitoring and changing their take profit and stop loss positions real time. 

The company also provides their customers with signal alerts based on the alerts of activity of group traders that the customer follows. It can be done either by email or on the charts that can be found on each trading room. The charts display trades with real money that pro traders execute or real money accounts. When trades are executed they can be seen in real time on the charts. 

One of the best things about Signal Trader is that it offers you a lot of trading strategies to choose from (all run by pro traders). 

Their best trading systems

You can see at the chart below that shows you their best trading systems with such statistics as: Net Profit/loss (in percentage), Net profit (in US dollars), how many trades have been generated, percentage of winning trades, profit factor, weeks that the system has been running, number of followers and also a performance chart.

Choose any system you want and follow it. 

You do not have to pay any fees for doing that!!! Yes, you read it right. No set up or monthly fees. How is that? When you subscribe to Signal Trader service you have to open an account through one of their selected brokers. Signal Trader gets part of the spread from the trades that are generated by their systems. Brokers pay them part of the spread! 

Signal Trader best trading systems

As you can see all of the systems are profitable. You can go and check for yourself by opening a demo or a real money account with one of their brokers and start making money right away.