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Monday, September 5, 2011

Trend for 5th of September 2011

Hello, followers of market trends and independent analysts of financial markets. Markets have been in their ugly ranges for a long time without many opportunities for big moves. However, eur/gbp pair finally took a nice dive on Friday and it looks as if the pair will continue its down trend for the whole coming week. The strategy is simple: just sell rallies. 

There is also some important news coming in a few hours from Australia (Reserve Bank of Australia Rate Decision). This could push commodity currencies up. As you may see they have been falling for two days. I guess the news could stop them from falling. I keep to my position about selling eur/aud, eur/cad and etc (on rallies). 

We are going to have data from Europe coming during European session (Euro-Zone Gross Domestic Product) at 9:00 GMT. This could cause a collapse of Euro too. Anyway, we have to wait and see what happens without too much speculation. If you are intending to trade news I would recommend reading my article about forex news trading and be careful not to overexpose to the market too much during these fundamental events. Good luck.

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