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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trend for 14th of September 2011

Hi, market trend followers. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and it will be problematic for me to do serious analysis for about a week. I guess the problem will be solved sooner and I will continue with my market updates regularly. Computer that I am using at the moment is good for almost nothing. An old horse and that’s it. 

Anyway, in the meantime, don’t forget to always trade in the direction of the move and never in the opposite direction. Do not be attracted by those who enjoy trading counter trend moves for it is a much more difficult strategy that simply trading a direction.

And also, do not forget that when securities start moving, they usually do it all at once. Your task is to select the leader and put your biggest positions on that one. That’s how most money is made in financial markets.
So much for today. Hope to write more informative posts soon.

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