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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trend for 14th of August 2011

Hi, everyone. Again a short post today! I was looking at eur/aud pair a few moments ago and I saw that it can collapse any time. I would actually say that I see a bearish triangle pattern. On the 9th of August the pair hit the resistance and its upward trend finished. The security started collapsing and is now sitting on short term support. How one could trade that? Technical pattern traders simply place a sell stop below the support and wait for a breakout of the pattern. 

This is how most patterns can be traded. You buy or sell a breakout of a pattern and go with the move. Additional thing that you could wait for is some news release that would give a momentum to the move you expect. If the break happens after this kind of event there usually are much bigger chances for the price to move much bigger distance than in a case of a purely technical breakout without any fundamental back up. Look at the chart below to see what I mean. 

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