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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Market trend analysis for 9th of August 2011

Hi everyone. I hope you were not very much worried by what you saw happening in the markets in the last few days. You cannot expect not to fall from the branch you are cutting. That’s what world governments have been doing all across the board and now they are scared by seeing what is going on in the financial markets. I do not think you should be scared. At least I am not. This is due to the fact that I am not afraid of the financial collapse that is coming. This is unavoidable for the world and by fearing it you will not change anything. Better find a stable psychological foundation for yourself. I see it in the Bible. Hope you will see it there too.

So, dollar started falling today and I think that is the way should be. You cannot just borrow hard earned money from across the world and expect that everybody would accept the printed debt back. There are fewer fools nowadays as there used to be. Dollar will collapse and so will all European currencies. Hope you will be smart to invest elsewhere. The best strategy is to sell the greenback against commodity currencies. 

I do not have any charts for you today. I hope to give some tomorrow. I came back home from holidays only yesterday and hope to come back to my post writing quite soon. I believe I will give more insights for you this week regarding direction of the financial market trends. Don’t invest too much in shaky markets. Good luck.

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