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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trend for 28th of June 2011

Hi, everyone. The post will be short for I have very little time at the moment. If you look at the charts and remember my previous posts you will see that predictions with usd/cad did come true. The pair broke down a little during Asian session and then came back, but as I do not trade Asian session, this does not worry me much. An opportunity occurred again during American session when the pair crossed the low of 0.9848. That’s the point where you could have taken a short trade. As you may see the pair is at an even number, so this would have been a good shot. 

Pound strengthened a little today, especially against US dollar and Japanese Yen. My predictions about Yen have not come true yet and Yen may actually collapse now. After the news, pound collapsed, but it is has been going up from American session. The picture for gbp/usd is pretty bullish now. We have double bottom on 1 hour chart and double top on the very same 1 hour chart. The path of the least resistance is upwards. 

Let us wait for the news from Canada tomorrow and see what reaction it will have in Canadian dollar pairs.
Very short post today. I will write more tomorrow. 

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