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Friday, August 25, 2017

Start using eToro copy system

eToro is a social investment company that is radically different from most Forex brokers in a sense that it has been developed with a purpose to create an investment community where one trader can copy another one.

Everybody is an investor and can attract followers/copiers

You can open an account with a few hundred bucks and become a leading investor or can be a follower and copy those who are popular investors and make money for themselves and for others. The higher the percentage you make the more reliable you become as a trader and if your risk score is low you can attract huge followers and copiers. If you do not want to trade yourself, then you can be a copier or a follower. A follower just gets info about all the trades a specific trader makes, but does not commit any capital to that trader.

A copier copies actual trades and if the trader makes money, so does the copier. Of course, if the trader loses money, so does the copier. You can start and stop copying any investor any time you want.

There are thousands of popular investors whom you can follow on eToro

Disclaimer: All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance is not an indication of future results. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice. 

How to start/stop copying

That is easy. You simply click on the icon of the investor and on the top right size of the screen there is a blue sign ‘Copy’. You press it and a window will open. It will ask what amount you want to allocate for copying. The minimum is 100$, but you can allocate more. You can then choose when to stop copying the trader. Default settings are ‘if the copy value drops more than 40 percent’. You can change that to whatever amount you want. If the losses reach that level you will automatically stop copying that trader. Of course, you can manually stop copying or pause copying any trader at any time you want. It is recommended not to interfere with the trades, but you can also close positions that are open or modify stops. So, you are fully in charge, despite the fact you are copying all the trades the investor is making.

How to choose who to copy

It is your choice entirely, but there is a list of popular investors and on your platform (on the left) you can push a button ‘Copy people’ and you will get a default version of popular investors with specific settings: country, market they invest in, gain at least (10%) and during last 12 months. Again you can modify those settings and choose people from a specific country or any part of the world, choose those who have the biggest gain in 12 or 6 or 3 months. You should also look at risk category, the higher the category the higher the risks the investor is taking, the lower the category the lower the risks the investor is taking. Do thorough analyses before you decide who to copy and if you want to be copied be sure you trade great, do not risk much and after a few months you will be considered as a candidate to become a popular investor. But about that next time.