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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Learn day trading

Contrary to most ‘day trading gurus’ I do not hold to a position that day trading is easy. It is not. I know that some brokers in Forex market would allow you to download a demo version platform and then from second day bombard you with emails and messages about opening a mini or a standard real account. I think that the biggest mistakes of all who come to financial markets to trade is that they want to get rich quickly and without paying a painful price of learning. It can’t be true. Even pros who made millions in stocks or commodities will tell you that. I will give you examples of excellent traders and their mistakes when they started trading in my future posts. 

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For the time being we have to state very clearly that there are no short cuts to success in day trading. I do not believe there are short cuts in other areas too. Well, maybe winning a lottery could be one single short cut (ok, getting married to some wealthy guy (girl)). But that will not grow you as a personality. We need to be mature to handle large amounts of money. We do it by growing rich slowly. 

In order to learn some profession go to university or special institutions and study there for years. And they pay a lot of money for that. Learning day trading is no different. It takes years to become successful and you do that by investing your time for learning, analyzing, reading books, watching videos, looking at charts, practicing, making mistakes, going through disappointments and finally reaching success. 

No software or some ebook will make you a successful day trader. You will have to find your own way to success. I will try to do my best for you to get as much useful information on the topic as I can. Please, be patient with me. 

I am planning to write more on the topic. In fact, I am going to write a series of articles on the topic. For a long time I simply concentrated on writing posts on trading news in Forex and swing trading. I am going to expand on various topics in my articles and write series on investing, day trading, swing trading as well as going deeply into other various trading strategies. 

Sorry that this post was very abstract. I promise to give more examples and more interesting information in my future articles. 

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