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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trend for 3rd of April 2011

I practically covered all my expectations about the coming Monday in my two previous posts. I can add that there could also be a reversal in gbp/jpy. I told you about this a few times and the pair failed to reverse. However, if you follow some trading rules and trade using buy stop and sell stop orders you very often avoid getting into the market at the wrong moments, because your orders are not opened and the market just continues going its way. Of course, maybe you miss something too, but sometimes it is better to miss and study charts better than to try trading every day in order to catch a few pips.

If you want to become a good trader you need to concentrate on the big picture and try to predict when, where and how you can catch a trend and make bigger money. You can actually trade once or two times a month and make some forty or even more percent of profit if you take only the best situations in the market. I know how difficult it is to learn to wait as I have been making the same mistakes like most traders do nowadays, but I am making less and less  mistakes and how to be making great money in a few years time. 

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