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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trend for 20th of April 2011

As yesterday, in the same manner today we have had a lot of opportunities to trade short term trends in currencies. Firstly, false breaks in aud/jpy and eur/usd were confirmed. If you still remember, both pairs broke down two days ago (on the 18th of April). However, they failed to develop a longer down trend and made reversal patterns the same day. Let me give you a few points on how I identify false breaks. 

In the first place, when a security breaks a support or a resistance and reverses the same day, it is a sign of a false break. Then I see if it is able to go beyond previous low (if it broke down) and continue its trend. If it doesn’t I want to see two points of resistance formed and support to hold. And finally if the resistance is broken I assume that a short term trend has changed and the breakout was false. Therefore, I look for opportunities to play from the long side. 

This could be very well seen both from eur/usd and aud/jpy. The pairs broke the support, went down quite a distance and then jumped of the level. Then they were no longer able to break the short term low and formed two points of resistance. You could then either place a breakout trade in the pairs, or wait for European session and buy when there was a retracement in the pairs. Charts of the pairs can help you understand better what I mean. 

There was also a very good opportunity to trade gbp/usd when very important data from Great Britain was released (Bank of England minutes). You had to place a buy stop order a few pips above 1.6271 level and go with the trend that news created. Also check the chart of gbp/usd. 

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