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Friday, March 18, 2011

Trend for 18th March 2011

Today I want to continue talking on the most recent trend in Japanese yen pairs, basically that of gbp/jpy. If you remember I told you yesterday that I expected a downtrend in usd/jpy and gbp/jpy to be finished due to the fashion in which the pairs reversed yesterday. And I was absolutely right. Extreme moves and extreme reversals that happen on the same day usually show the end of a trend. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. And the pairs did reverse their downtrend. Gbp/jpy gained back 1000 pips in two days. Wow! What is going to happen now?

According to my experience the pairs will establish a top and a bottom. Once these two are in place they will start ranging. I expected gbp/jpy to stop at around 131.00 level, but it moved beyond that and was stopped at 132.50 mark. I think it will be top for now. I do not expect the pair to go beyond 133.00 as I see pretty strong resistance there. It used to be strong support. Now, I guess, according to classical support and resistance rules it is going to be a pretty strong resistance. My experience tells me that gbp/jpy can fluctuate between 133.00 and 130.00 levels for a couple of days and then go down to confirm a bottom which will most probably be at 122.50 level. So, I am more in a selling mood at the moment. Of course, the things I am telling you are not recommendations, so be careful as trading financial markets is a pretty risky business.

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